TNPH1077 1A Main Board / Panasonic TX-42AS650E LED TV / LC420DUF(VG)(F1) / OEM

TNPH1077 1A Main Board for Panasonic TX-42AS650E LED TV / Panel: LC420DUF(VG)(F1) Please read below before making a purchase BEFORE MAKING THE PURCHASE DiagnosisPlease make sure you have correctly diagnosed the problem with your TV – this item won’t fix the issue if your original item is not faulty. Compatibility- Please make sure that model of your item matches the one in the listing.- For main boards and T-Con boards please also compare model number of your TV’s panel to the model number of the panel in the listing (panel model number can usually be found on a sticker on the metal plate inside the TV), ideally TV models should also match. It is possible, that the board with the same model number may have different firmware on it depending on the panel/TV model number.- For main boards and power supply units (PSU) please also compare all connector positions with the photos in the listing. It is possible for the boards with the same model number to have some connectors missing, or be different, or be located in a slightly different place.- For power supplies the size of the TV should also match. PSUs for bigger sized TVs often output higher voltage, so connecting an incorrect PSU to your TV may cause permanent damage either to the PSU or to your TV. The item may or may not be compatible with another TV/panel models – we cannot test all possible combinations, so we cannot guarantee, that it will operate correctly if your TV and/or it’s panel are different from the donor TV. ConditionThe item is a genuine OEM part. It has been used previously. It may have some signs of cosmetic wear but is fully operational and functions as intended. Removed from a working TV with a shattered screen. Please see the photos. LiabilityWe do not accept any liability for any potential damage caused by manipulations inside of your TV. If you are not comfortable handling electrical components of the TV – please bring it to an electronics repair service. Shipping addressPlease make sure your shipping address is written with Latin (English) letters. SHIPPING, TRACKING AND RETURNS ShippingItem is located in Riga, Latvia. We ship on working days (sometimes also on Saturdays), usually within 24 hours after the purchase was made. Shipping timeAfter the item has been shipped, eBay shows an estimated arrival date window. Please keep in mind, that it is just an estimate and that it is provided by eBay – sellers do not control what is written there. TrackingOnce the item has been shipped, a tracking code will become available in the order details (it may not become active for up to 24 hours after shipping). You can follow the package at or ReturnsBuyer has 30 days to return the item. When the item is received back, it gets tested.If the item is claimed to be defective, the buyer may be asked to provide a photo of their original item (the one they are replacing) and a photo of the model number of their TV (in case of main boards and T-Con boards – also a photo of the TV’s panel). Mismatch of the models would mean, that the information from item’s description about how to make sure the item is compatible, was ignored. Refunds- If item turned out to be damaged or defective, return may be arranged, or a refund will be issued with no return required (depending on the case). Either way, it will be a full refund: item cost + shipping one way + return shipping, if any.- In case the item was ordered by mistake (for example, compatibility was not properly checked before making a purchase), refund will cover just the cost of the item itself, no shipping costs will be refunded. COMMUNICATION Don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions. We speak Russian, English and Latvian. You can send us a message in any other language, but we’ll have to use Google Translate to read it and to reply. WHEN THE ITEM ARRIVES Please don’t forget to leave us positive feedback and 5-star rating!





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