Panasonic Heavy Duty AA Battery 4 Pack

Panasonic Heavy Duty AA Battery 4 Pack

Product Features

  • Carbon Zinc
  • Super Heavy Duty
  • 4 Pack AA Panasonic Batteries





3 responses to “Panasonic Heavy Duty AA Battery 4 Pack”

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    Are you using the right batteries? Well, I bought these batteries because I found out my wall clock had stopped working because I had been using “Alkaline” batteries. I went to the clock’s web site and read up on it. And there it was: it needed “Carbon” batteries. As soon as I put the batteries in LO AND BEHOLD my clock started functioning. As well as the new clock which I had bought, thinking the old clock was gone. The batteries are working well, as they should. Lesson learned: Read the fine print, so to speak.

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    They do the job Good batteries but I would advise that if you buy them it is with the intention to use them for tv remotes, alarm clock and things of that nature.They do say on the package intended for use with low drain devices.Died pretty quickly in my xbox remote but that is in no part due to the seller!Just to clarify again, low drain devices. Hope this review is helpful!

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    Solved the problem Certain novelty items that have found their way into our house (light-up Halloween ghost, for example) don’t work with regular AA batteries, or even the latest heavy-duty AA’s, but these solved the problem. So if you have a cheap gew-gaw that came with batteries but mysteriously won’t work with regular replacements, these may do the trick. (I think the chemistry is different.)

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