Panasonic AY-DVMCLWW digital video head cleaner


Product Features

  • Dry cleaning system





3 responses to “Panasonic AY-DVMCLWW digital video head cleaner”

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    Surprise, surprise! I’m amazed! I thought for sure my recorder was toast and I only had five more tapes to transfer to the hard drive. I’d already tried cleaning the head with alcohol, and tried the tapping on all six sides trick, but I was still getting the six gray bars in the video. Reluctantly I purchased this cleaner fully expecting it to be a total waste, ran it through one 10 second cycle, and voila; perfect video again. Definitely worth every penny as I’ll now be able to complete moving away from video…

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    use with care I gave 3 stars for ease of use because there are a few ways this can really mess up your handycam. I tried using it to get a better quality playback on my 20 year old Sony camcorder and it caused the eject to stop working. After some research I believe what happened is if you put a new tape in an old camcorder it can stress small parts in the eject or playback mechanisms and break something. So now my camcorder doesn’t work at all. In tiny text it explains you should not play it more than 10…

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    All I want is my money back. On June 6th 2017 I ordered a Panasonic AY-DVMCLWW digital video head cleaner Sold by: The Perfect Deals. I received it on June 13th 2017. To my surprise it was not a digital video head cleaner but a 2 minute video tape. Someone made it to look like a digital video head cleaner. I have purchased digital video head cleaners in the past I knew this was not a digital video head cleaner because it looks just like video tape. digital video head cleaners are made with a different material almost…

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