Gvirtue Replacement Universal Remote Control for for Panasonic TV//HDTV/ 3D/ LCD/LED/4KTV, N2QAYB000485 N2QAYB000100 N2QAYB000221 N2QAYB00048

About the Gvirtue PN-1LC Remote Control
The Gvirtue PN-1LC is a replacement remote control, but it has the same features as the original remote.
Gvirtue PN-1LC remote control no need to set up, you can use it after installing the battery.
The lightweight and ergonomic design make it very comfortable. It is the ideal choice when your original remote control is lost, broken or when you want a new one.
Compatible Panasonic TV Models: TH-55LRU50, TH-42LRU50, TH-42LRU20, TH37LRU50, TH-37LRU30, TH-32LRU50, TH-32LRH30U, TC-P65VT50, TC-P65ST60, TC-P65ST50, TC-P65GT50, TC-P60ST50, TC-P60GT50 TCP55VT50, TC-P55ST60, TC-P55ST50, TC-P55GT50, TC-P50X2, TC-P50U2, TC-P50ST60, TC-P50GT50, TC-P50C2, TC-P46C2TC-P42U2, TC-P46C2 , TC-P42X P42C2,
TC-L55ET60, TC-L50ET60, TC-L47WT50, TC-L47ET60, TC-L47ET5, TC-L47DT50, TC-L42U25, TC-L42U22, TC-L42ET60, TC-L42ET5, TC-L37U22, TC-L TC-L32C22, TC-L22X2, TC-65PS24, TC-60AS530U, TC-58PS24, TC-55LET64, TC-55DT50, TC-55AS530U, TC-50PS24, TC-50ASU534, TC-50AS530U, TC-42LS24 , TC-42LD24, TC-39AS530U, TC-32LX24, and so on

Product information
Package Dimensions:8.07×1.96×0.98 inches
tem Weight: 2.99 ounce

Product Features

  • Applicable various Panasonic brand TV models:TC46PGT24 TCP42G25 TCP46G25 TCP50G20 TCP50G25 TC-P55GT50,TC-P50X2,TC-P50U2,TC-P50ST60,TC-P50GT50,TC-P50C2,TC-P46C2TC-P42U2,TC-P46C2,TC-P42X P42C2,TC-L55ET60 and more!
  • No need to set up, you can use it after installing the battery.Batteries and instruction are not included ! Customers need to go to the local store to buy the Batteries themselves.
  • This remote is a replacement but it has the same function as the original remote control.
  • Made of ABS material, it is wear-resistant and resistant to fall.
  • 180-day warranty,Our products have 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, please feel free to contact us.


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